Dear Old Sanawarian,

The Old Sanawarian Society welcomes you to the SMART CARD initiative.We have engaged a company named, VYTEQ to undertake the Smart card project for Sanawar wherein the smart card based identification is required for:

  • Old Students
  • Current Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff

Overall main benefits of the card are:

  • Chip based smart card with your photograph for identification purpose.
  • A unique identification card number.
  • Secure storage of your personal details & information for the database.
  • Access control & registration to enter the school & for OS events.
  • Security & Safety of the residents of Sanawar School.
  • Access Control & Attendance for students at school.

Future enhancements to the card are:

  • Current students will get monetary points for usage at the tuck shop, Quartermaster stores, PCO.
  • Loyalty program with vendors Restaurants and Retail stores across the country for all Sanawarians.

Cost of the card:

The smart card cost for the OS is Rs 1000/- and for the Spouse is Rs 500/-

How can you order your brand-new card:

  • Fill in the form by clicking on the Proceed at the bottom of this page.
  • After filling in your details, you can purchase and register for additional card for your Spouse.
  • You can then decide on the various methods of payments that will be listed at the end of the process.
  • The card will be shipped to your address within 15 days of receipt of your payment.
  • For any Delhi NCR address, there will be no extra shipping cost.
  • For international members, we are providing an option, for you to ship to a local address in India, which could be family or friends.
  • However if you want the card shipped to your country, then there will be an extra cost.

For any clarifications you can contact the project in-charge from VYTEQ, Mr. Jimuth Dutta at or cell +91-9871211466

Our endeavor is to equip all Present Sanawarians and Staff with these smart ID cards by Founders 2010 and encourage maximum participation from OS. So get your card now and be a proud member of the OS fraternity.

Thanking You


Jaskaran Singh Bains

(OSS President)



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